Cait's Classic Designs - Unique & Elegant Jewelry

We invite you to browse our online Boutique.  We offer a diverse collection of stunning jewelry pieces to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.  
Whether you're looking to embellish your traditional work clothes or accessorize an evening outfit, you've come to the right place!  
Our most popular pieces are shown below.Please contact us for more information on our jewelry line, as well as custom options.

Please note: all bracelets are 7" long.  However, we can accommodate any length.

Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace
21" pearl necklace featuring 4 strands of Swarovski crystal pearls and faceted beads, including gold-plated flower clasp
Price: $95.00 $85.50
Cultured Pearl Copper Necklace
20" necklace featuring potato pearls, Swarovksi crystal beads and copper chain in a right angle weave design
Price: $80.00 $72.00
Long Sea-Blue Necklace
26" necklace featuring different shades of blue and cream resin beads
Price: $40.00 $36.00
Shades of Grey & Pink Necklace
19" necklace featuring pink, grey and lavender agate stones, Swarovski crystal beads and pearls, with a sterling silver flower clasp. Matching earrings not shown
Price: $70.00 $63.00
Double-Strand Turquoise Stone Necklace
18" dyed turquoise stones are featured in this necklace, with a sterling silver clasp
Price: $50.00 $45.00
Blue & Green Shimmering Glass Necklace
16" choker necklace featuring blown glass beads and Swarovski crystals for a dazzling evening look
Price: $100.00 $90.00
Double-Strand Ruby Crystal Necklace & Earring Set
18" necklace featuring Swarovski crystal ruby faceted beads and 14k gold vermeil beads with matching earrings
Price: $95.00 $85.50
Teal Green Glass Pearl Necklace
20" necklace featuring Swarovski crystal pearls and fire-polished beads woven in a right angle weave design, and embellished on the reverse side with tiny glass Toho beads
Price: $105.00 $94.50
Long Rose-Pink Necklace
30" pretty necklace featuring pink rose-colored agate stones and gold-plated beads
Price: $35.00 $31.50
Shades of Blue & Brown Stone Necklace
21" necklace in colorful shades of teal, pale blue, green, and tan semi-precious stones
Price: $30.00 $27.00
Jasper Necklace
30" necklace featuring brilliant semi-precious Jasper stones in deep brown marbleized hues, and embellished with gold-plated beads
Price: $40.00 $36.00
Small Purple Beaded Necklace
19" necklace featuring purple and lavender resin beads
Price: $20.00 $18.00
Orange Glass-Beaded Necklace
18" necklace featuring tangerine-colored glass beads with apple green & white detail, and embellished with small peridot beads
Price: $30.00 $27.00
Ocean Breeze Multi-Strand Necklace & Bracelet Set SOLD
20" multi-strand necklace & bracelet set featuring Swarovski crystal pearls, faceted beads, semi-precious stones and sterling silver accents SOLD
Price: $105.00 $94.50
Silver & Crystal Necklace SOLD
18" sterling silver necklace featuring Swarovski crystal pearls and faceted beads, with sterling silver bead frames SOLD
Price: $125.00 $112.50
Sand 'n Sea Necklace & Earring Set
23" necklace featuring agate, shell and sterling silver beads, with matching sterling silver earrings
Price: $50.00 $45.00
Shades of Green Pearl & Glass Necklace
16" necklace with 14k gold chain, featuring cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals & glass pendants
Price: $75.00 $67.50
Copper & Stick Pearl Necklace
20" necklace featuring a copper chain, cultured pearls, pearl sticks & Swarovski crystals, with a matching set of earrings
Price: $95.00 $85.50
Multi-Stone Necklace
20" double-strand necklace & earring set featuring semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal beads, and fresh water pearls SOLD
Price: $125.00 $112.50
Shades of Blue Pearl & Glass Necklace
18" sterling silver necklace featuring cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals, agate stones, & glass beads
Price: $75.00 $67.50
Celtic Pendant Necklace
26" pendant necklace with faceted and antique brass beads with a shell pendant, featuring a Celtic design
Price: $30.00 $27.00
Stars Necklace
21" necklace featuring acrylic beads adorned with gold stars
Price: $25.00 $22.50
Black & Lavender Necklace
24" necklace featuring lavender agate and onyx beads, Swarovski crystals, with a glass pendant
Price: $65.00 $58.50
Pearl & Shell Necklace
19" shell necklace featuring cultured pearls and turquoise stones and pendant
Price: $65.00 $58.50
Single -Strand Pearl Necklace
23" black & white glass pearl necklace
Price: $50.00 $45.00
Double-Strand Pearl Necklace
19" necklace featuring Swarovski glass pearls & 14k gold clasp
Price: $60.00 $54.00
Black & White Necklace
21" necklace featuring 2 strands of glass pearls, gold accent beads and an onyx clasp
Price: $50.00 $45.00
Amethyst Necklace
24" necklace featuring amethyst dyed agate oval stones and opaque, faceted lavender glass beads
Price: $60.00 $54.00
White Rose Cabochon Necklace
23" glass pearl necklace featuring cream-colored rose cabochons and a red Czech blown glass pendant, with matching earrings
Price: $55.00 $49.50
Glass Pearl Opera-Length Necklace
34" necklace featuring Swarovski crystal pearls and cultured pearl clusters
Price: $85.00 $76.50
Right-Angle Weave Bracelet
Eye-catching bracelet featuring lavender Swarovski crystal beads, embellished with tiny gold glass beads.
Price: $40.00 $36.00
Teal & Red Bead-Stitched Bracelet
Delicate bracelet featuring woven medallions of crystal and glass beads, combining the beautiful colors of deep red, teal, and gold SOLD
Price: $55.00 $49.50
Three-Strand Crystal Bracelet
Eye-catching bracelet featuring sterling silver and smokey topaz Swarovski crystal beads
Price: $40.00 $36.00
Double-Strand Pearl Bracelet
Bracelet featuring cream-colored fresh-water pearls and a gold/pearl clasp
Price: $35.00 $31.50
Black Lace Necklace
20" double-strand necklace of Czech glass beads embellished with a stunning black floral design that invokes a "lacey" look, also enhanced with strands of delicate black metal chain SOLD
Price: $100.00 $90.00
Bejeweled Bracelet
Sterling silver bracelet designed with clusters of Swarovski crystal beads, freshwater pearls, and semi-precious stones
Price: $95.00 $85.50


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